Do I have to be on a sabbatical to apply?

No. If you are a student, between jobs or have left your job to explore other options, you can still apply for any opportunity if you match the eligibility criteria.

Which organizations can post opportunities on Zentopia?

Organizations that have a short-term requirement for a professional to work with them can contact us to post the project details on Zentopia. Organizations that offer experiences that help the participants learn a new skill such as organic farminf, pottery etc. can also reach out to us. For more details, please go here.

How is this different from a volunteering or freelance work portal?

Zentopia is a curated platform. We handpick opportunities that would appeal to someone who is looking to go off the beaten track. All oportunities are structured with a defined duration, skills required and expected outcome.

Do you conduct any verification checks for an orgnization before uploading an opportunity offerered by them?

No we do not conduct a verification check before listing an organization. Before visiting a place, we encourage you to evaluate for yourself how suitable and safe the place is.

If I apply for an opportunity, is it confirmed that I will get selected?

No. After you apply for an opportunity, it will be at the discretion of the organization to make the selection.

Will I get paid?

Not all opportunities on the platform pay. Some will cover accomodation and/or other expenses while some may not include any compensation. You will need to read through the listings to find out the compensation details. In listings where you get to learn a new skill, you may have to pay to participate.

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