The seed of an idea

About two years back, I took a 6-month sabbatical from my advertising career. I wanted to use this time to travel but also to spend time working on things I felt strongly about - Environment. Education. Enterprise. So I packed a rucksack and spent the next few months working and volunteering with organizations across Himachal and Uttarakhand. 

I lived with and had the opportunity to teach some incredibly spirited and inspiring young girls from a socially oppressed community in Bihar, got trained in 

eco-friendly construction work (making mud bricks cementing them to build a wall, plastering walls with cow dung and so on), hitchhiked between cities with complete strangers, got adopted by a sweet Kumaoni family and their dog for a 2 month home-stay and finally picked up the courage to go on my first ever solo trip. 

I eventually got back to my advertising career but with a renewed sense of energy, empathy and a much broader perspective about the world. That's where a seed of this idea was born. To create an ecosystem that encourages and helps more people take a sabbatical to step back, re-evaluate personal values and do things outside of their comfort zone. 


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