3 Months Residential Pottery Course in Palampur, Himachal
  • 3 Months Residential Pottery Course in Palampur, Himachal

    About the studio -

    Located in Andretta, the small artist town in the foothills of the Dhauladar range in Himachal Pradesh, Andretta Pottery is the oldest pottery studio in India. To read more about the studio and the experience of learning pottery here, you can read this article featuring them on National Geographic Traveller.  


    About the course -

    Suitable for beginners, this is an intensive pottery course in which you will be learning

    - Operating the wheel

    - Slip designing

    - Clay making

    - Glazing

    - Firing


    Dates for the course -

    We conduct this course twice in a year

    1. April - June

    2. September - November


    Daily schedule -

    9:30 AM - Breakfast will be served 

    10:00 AM - Class will start

    11:00 AM - Tea will be served 

    1:00 PM - Lunch will be served
    3:00 PM - Get back to class
    4:00 PM - Tea will be served

    5:00 PM - Cleaning up your wheel and time for the studio to close for the day


    Charges - Rs. 1,50,000. It covers the material cost, course fees, accomodation and 3 home-made meals for the day. 

    Extra charges for - Firing (Rs. 450/kg)


    Arrangement for washing of clothes - You can check if a maid is available for washing and pay her a monthly rate to wash your clothes. You will need to provide washing powder from your end.


    What you can expect for food

    Breakfast - Bread toast, jam, butter and egg for the eggitarians

    Lunch - Rice, dal(pulses), curd, salad, seasonal vegetable and seasonal fruit

    Dinner - Roti, dal, seasonal vegetable, salad and seasonal fruit

    Note - 1) For non-vegetarians, chicken is made for dinner twice in a week

               2) If you have any special requirements for food, you will have to arrange for them 


    Where you will be staying in Andretta -

    We have single and shared accommodation. There will be 2 students in one room. Availability of single room depends upon your time of enrollment. It is located 2 minutes walk from the studio. You will be provided all the requirments for boarding(bed, matterss, bedsheet, pillow, cupboard). Bathrooms and toilets will be shared.


    What you will be provided with at the studio -

    - A dedicated wheel to work with for the entire duration of the course

    - Water bowl for throwing

    - Clay 

    - Work Tools

    - Glazing material


    What you need to bring -

    - A pair of sports shoes.

    - Toileteries

    - A potter's apron (if you don't have one, you can get it stitched from the local tailor here)


    How to book your seat for the course - 

    By paying an advance fees of Rs. 45,000


    You can visit the Andretta Pottery website here and their instagram page here


    To apply, please enter your details here and call Mr. Subham Sankhyan, the manager at Andretta, at 9816314481


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