Become a Facilitator at Made in Maidaan Programme by Project Khel in Lucknow
  • Become a Facilitator at Made in Maidaan Programme by Project Khel in Lucknow

    About The Organization -

    At Project KHEL, We use the language of play to impart what is untaught and speak what is unsaid. By creating joyful, friendly and safe learning spaces on the playground, we encourage children to be spontaneous and express themselves freely. Our methodology and modules have been created with an emphasis on gender – which we integrate in our actions, our words and our purpose. Over time, our form (play) and content (life skills and gender) help transform children into confident, secure, gender-sensitive and informed citizens.


    About the programme -

    Our longest running programme, Made in Maidaan literally means building character on the playground. We feel that the open/judgment-free space of a playground is the best space to start transforming children from inhibited bystanders in their own life to secure, informed citizens and even leaders. It is on the playground that they can be their spontaneous selves and be open to learning as well. WE SPEAK PLAY. We use the language of play to impart the unlearnt and speak what is unsaid. Just like teachers in classroom use a weekly and daily lesson plan, we do the same to impart a particular life skill.


    Made in Maidaan (MIM) has a rigorous, theme-based curriculum which facilitators then follow and conduct the sessions with each group. Then they lead the children through a debriefing session which ends up transforming them – either by learning a skill or changing a mindset over time.


    Expectation from selected applicants - To interact with children on a daily basis, deliver our curriculum and bring about change through the process.


    Compensation - Rs 15,000 - 25,000 / month 


    Eligibility criteria - Minimum 2 years of work experience in any field


    Duration - Minimum 1 year


    Location - Lucknow


    How to apply - Fill in the application form here


    For more information, visit the organization website by clicking here


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