Volunteer at the Petrichor Community Farm in Kalimpong, West Bengal
  • Volunteer at the Petrichor Community Farm in Kalimpong, West Bengal

    About Petrichor -

    We are a sustainability education center, a working permaculture farm, eco-residence and community working in harmony with other small farmers of our region to build a healthy alternative where we strive to live sustainably and responsibly with each other. Ecological sustainability is the primary focus of our long-term vision and as our village grows, we want to see this ideal take shape. Diversity is an important element for us and our village consists of individuals, families, animals, plants and an income sharing community.

    It is located in Gorubathan in Kalimpong, West Bengal.

    Read more about the farm here and here.


    About our volunteering programme -

    Volunteering is highly encouraged at Petrichor and participation ensures reduced boarding costs and farm meals. While an extra pair of hands and help is always welcome in the community, it is also and opportunity to live and work with our dedicated team, make lifelong friends, learn tangible skills to take back home and participate in the kind of living that most often than not changes you forever.

    Our goal is to empower individuals who are genuinely interested in creating a more sustainable world and develop creative solutions to generate positive change in their own lives and socially.

    We offer a focused program based on experiential learning and practical skill building via permaculture, natural building, art and crafts and homesteading skills. In addition to daily work, individuals and groups are expected to help clean, cook and otherwise become an integral part of the Petrichor team.

    Our Volunteer program comes in 3 distinct categories:

    • Farm – Any farm related activity like working with the soil, repair work, animal and plant care, harvest etc.
    • Kitchen – Helping in the kitchen including cooking, washing dishes, helping with food production etc.
    • Studio – Art and Craft activity


    Duration of volunteering - Minimum 1 week


    Volunteering period - September to May


    Charges for the programme - 

    Our volunteering costs depend on how much time you spend volunteering with us

    INR 500 per person per night for 1-week 

    INR 400 per night per person for 2 weeks

    INR 300 for more than 2 weeks

    The cost covers accomodation and food charges and also provides for the maintenance and upkeep of the farm and community.


    Type of accomodation - Tents, dormitory or home stays depending on availability.


    Working hours - 

    You are required to work for at six hours in a day, the rest of the time you are free to do as you please. Mondays are off. So generally it is Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm including a 1 hour llunch break at 1:00 pm.


    Facilities provided to volunteers - 

    Volunteers can attend any ongoing workshops free of cost be it yoga, meditation, permaculture, art and craft. They will have access to the pool, library and other farm facilities and also the opportunity to connect and build cultural network with personnel and gain experience in a working farm and learn about Nepali culture and farmers.


    How to apply -

    Fill out the volunteer application form here


    Visit the website


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